The projects, code and ramblings of Fahran Wallace.

Ukulele Toys

I play a surprising amount of Ukulele these days. My favourite folks to strum with are the fantastic crew of Ukulele Wednesdays, and the amazing Learn to Uke alumni band.

I make them things for fun. I get to learn bits of music theory (and whatever tech I'm moved to play with), and they get a new shiny toy.

Got bug reports/features/new projects to request? Email me, or drop me a Github issue if you're feeling fancy.

Other Projects

The O2 Shuttle Bus (Android) App

I missed the shuttle bus home from work one too many times, so I made an app to help me out (and also learn a little JS). If you work at O2 Head Office, it might help you too!


Fairly bare bones, and would benefit greatly from either a JavaScript framework, or realistically, just being a static content site!

This project has been discontinued, as I no longer work at O2.

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About Me

Hi! I'm Fahran, a wildly enthusiastic software engineer at OpenCredo, endeavouring to vacuum up as much knowledge about development as humanly possible.

Making things is my favourite way to learn.